Got Stress???

     There is this stigma of seeing a licensed therapist and I decided to talk about this topic because so many tragedies occur everyday from people who are unable to handle their own stress. The stress of everyday living will drive a normal person INSANE. But instead of us speaking to a professional who has years of education, knowledge and experience of dealing with people with problems we suffer mentally or some of us suffer physically (weight gain). Then there are the people who take that stress out on others- the worst reaction of all. But who doesn’t have problems???

It seems as though people would rather  go on national television to air their dirty laundry.They are on the news in a Special Report where the news anchor has to speak of traumatizing events happening at our local schools and other  public places or they are sitting on the stage with the America’s #1 baby daddy locater. I don’t even think they realize that they are choosing this as their answer to a cry out for help.  Now I’m not trying to put anyone down for going on talk shows or watching them either. As a matter of fact, I love that these talk show hosts offer counseling after the show is over! I just want to stress that it is just as OK for you to go speak to a professional who will listen to your problems in your local town in the privacy of their office.

Here is my own personal experience back in 2008, when I went to see a therapist after my daughter was hurt at a daycare she was attending. It was recommended by her surgeon that I take her to see a family therapist. At first I thought he was crazy for even mentioning the idea! But weeks later after her wounds healed,  it was time for her to go back to daycare (not the same daycare she was hurt at) the look she gave me, the cry for help as she screamed brought me to tears . So we began family therapy just her and I. When I told some friends and family members we were seeing a shrink, I received strange looks and they probably even talked about me… that darn stigma. But I continued to go, and I couldn’t have imagined the relief I would feel by just TALKING about what was happening in my life.

By sharing my own personal story I hope that it would encourage others to use some form of therapy as an answer to their cry for help. Whether your therapy is seeing a psychiatrist, prayer/ meditation, exercise or going on National TV, don’t let the stigma hold you back from asking for help. It could be the most amazing decision you could ever make!


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